Below are schedules for a UK tax return.  The schedules should be completed if any of the following apply:

Employment Pages.

  • If you were employed in full time, part time or casual employment.
  • were a company director.
  • were an agency worker.
  • were an office holder, such as chairperson, secretary or treasurer.
  • would have been treated as an employee of another person had you not used a company or partnership as an intermediary.

Self Employment Pages

  • If you were in business on your own account, or you were a subcontractor working in the building industry.

Lloyd's Underwriters Pages

  • See the link under references below.

Partnership Pages

  • Each partner will have to complete these pages as part of their personal tax return, and, one partner will have to complete the Partnership Tax Return.

UK Property Pages

  • If you let out UK Property or furnished holiday lettings for rental in the UK or European Economic Area (EEA).
  • The same applies if you let out rooms in your house.
  • If you provide meals or other services then you need to complete Self Employment Pages.

Foreign Pages

  • See the link under references below.

Trust Page

  • If you were a beneficiary of a trust (excluding a "bare" trust) or settlement or the settlor of a trust or settlement whose income is deemed to be yours.

Capital Gains Pages

  • You disposed of chargeable assets which were worth more than 40,400, or
  • your chargeable gains (before deduction of any losses) are more than 10,100 or
  • you want to claim an allowable capital loss or make any other capital gains claim or election for the year, or
  • you were not domiciled in the UK and are claiming to be taxed on you foreign gains on the remittance basis, or
  • for more details see;

In all circumstances the advice of a qualified accountant or tax advisor should be sought before completing your tax return and schedules, especially if your tax affairs are complicated or you are in a high income bracket.



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